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Move with freedom and step into the ring with a warrior mindset!

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Custom Sports Bras

Welcome to Bulk Fight Gear your getaway to an active lifestyle. We are one the pioneer manufacturers of women’s sports apparel. As a female boxer you can now feel more confident and empowered with personalized custom sports bras.

Made with high end material our exclusive collection of custom sports bras is designed with perfection. Our skilled artisans pay close attention to stress areas to give you ultimate comfort. Enjoy sweat free combat with a sports bra that creates a unique identity for gym,club or training school.

Add custom colors, patterns and designs that reflect your warrior personality. We offer an extended range of sports apparel such as compression shirts, shorts and more.
We offer a personalized fit for women of all sizes. Ensure a perfect fit for intense training or combat sessions.

Why Choose Us?

We offer you sports that are light on the skin and ensure freedom of movement. Irrespective of your activity our sportswear goes beyond functionality. Be it a challenging workout or intense competition, our custom sports bra keeps you comfortable and secure.

Tailor fit: Ensure a perfect fit with a sports bra that moves with you. Choose proper sizing and make a statement with a customized sports bra.

Premium fabric: Our custom sports bras are made of high-performance materials. We ensure you moisture-wicking material for better performance and breathability. Challenge your most intense workout with a high-end sports bra.

Reinforced stitching: Ensure with reinforced stitching our custom sports bra with low impact workout. Ensured with strategic padding and stitching we offer you better protection and support.

Premium material: Our craftsmen choose genuine fabrics with custom sports bras.

Budget-friendly prices: We offer you affordable options while offering you unlimited customization options.

Feel empowered and in control of your combat with a custom sports bra that intensifies your workout session. Train with gear that not only supports you but also celebrates your unique self. Unleash your strength and express your style with custom sports apparel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If You Have Questions, You Have Come To The Right Place

Absolutely. Our sports bras are designed for high performance and are ideal for intense workouts and combat training. They provide excellent support and comfort, allowing you to focus on your training.

Yes, we do offer international shipping. Please note that shipping times and costs may vary depending on your location.

We provide a wide range of sizes to ensure a perfect fit for women of all body types. It’s important to refer to our sizing chart to choose the right size for your needs.