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Custom Gear for Men, Women & Kids

Pick your Custom Design, Size, Color Scheme, and Brand Logo

Bulk Fight Gear has something incredible for every athlete. Gear up with our wholesale fight gear, apparel, and equipment, personalized for your brand, team, and unique personality.

We specialize in crafting the best boxing, fitness, MMA, Muay Thai gear, and a range of related apparel and equipment. From bespoke designs that capture your unique spirit to personalized logos, sizes, colors, and themes, we ensure your gear reflects your journey during all training sessions and competitions.

Bulk Fight Gear Collection

High-performance Fabric Selection, Innovative Features, and Durability

Stay ahead, stay protected, and dominate in style with our high-quality custom wear and equipment for men, women, and kids, built to last. Tailored for professional wrestlers, martial arts trainers, athletes, clubs, gyms, and training institutes, our products ensure superior comfort, enhanced safety, functionality, and flexibility with every move, kick, and punch.



Hand Wraps



Mouth Guards


Discover our premium, custom boxing gear and equipment tailored for training and competition. Crafted by our in-house experts, each product, from gear to protective equipment and gloves to apparel, boasts innovative features ensuring unparalleled support and comfort for every move.

Personalize gear in your preferred color, style, size, and length, ensuring a perfect fit for training and competition. Our high-performance apparel and equipment are designed to make you feel and act like a champion.


Step into the ring confidently in our MMA range fusion of quality, comfort, and fashion. From gloves to shorts, custom MMA gear to protective equipment, each product is designed for maximum protection, agility, and unrestricted movements, showcasing your unique style.

Adding to appeal, we offer customization options, allowing MMA fighters to infuse their gear with a personal touch. Experience a transformation in your performance, where every strike is more powerful, and every move is sharper; that’s the promise of our MMA line.

Muay Thai

We stand at the forefront of Muay Thai gear and equipment for sale, designed to endure the most intense training sessions and fights. Tailored for champions, our range, including gloves, shin guards, and custom apparel, has advanced features to amplify the fighter’s performance and style.

Each piece is crafted excellently, arming fighters with battle-tested and top-quality gear. Our Muay Thai range is a blend of excellent craftsmanship, premium quality, and innovative features, providing gear that meets the needs of both individual fighters and teams.


Performance meets comfort, durability, and affordability with our premium selection of personalized fitness gear boasting superior style and craftsmanship. Tailored to fit every individual’s needs, our range includes everything from fitness to yoga apparel and bespoke exercise equipment, allowing you to do the workout comfortably without worrying about chafing, discomfort, or any other pain.

We customize products to match your unique size, color, and style preference. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, our custom-made fitness range is here to transform your workout experience into something extraordinary.

Why Choose Us?

We have grown to become leading manufacturers and suppliers of wholesale fight gear, fitness equipment, MMA gear, and more, offering unparalleled quality, styles and variety of customizations that empower athletes and fitness freaks. We offer:

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Max. file size: 1 GB.
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